Hi, I'm Brian.

Hi, I'm Brian. My story is pretty simple. I grew up in rural Iowa. Then I moved to California to work for Nest. That's pretty much it.

My journey here.

Hi, I'm Brian. My story is pretty simple. I grew up in rural Iowa. After finishing high school, I studied at a small private liberal arts school called Graceland University. Following Graceland, I got an internship at Nest Labs, a semi-small startup in Palo Alto, CA. I worked my tail off over the summer and joined the company later that summer. In February of the next year, Google acquired Nest. What a whirlwind. Since then, I have been busy improving the user experience of Nest users.

The web is a complex combination of different languages that, when done right, work in concert to deliver a delightful user experience. Some of those languages that I enjoy start with the simple: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. But very quickly I get into dialects, like SASS, EmberJS, Node. I like being organized with data using Yaml and JSON.

Podcasts that I like.

I listen to a podcasts a lot. These are the ones that I think are the best.

Movies that I like.

I've been watching movies my whole life. I enjoy them quite a lot. I use IMDb to rate movies, so I use their ten star system. Here is a list of movies that I have rated at ten stars. See my imdb profile for more ratings.

Music that I like.

Music is a core part of my being. I am constantly looking for my next favorite album. I'm one of those nuts that listens to the same thing over and over until I get sick of it. I use Last.fm to keep track of my listening habits. Here are some of the albums that I have been listening to recently. Check 'em out.