I'm experienced.

A Senior UX Engineer at Nest/Google, an Alphabet company, since 2013.

May 2013 - Present

After graduating in May 2013, I drove out to California and began an internship at , a medium-sized startup in Palo Alto. I guess I made a good impression because they hired me.

Since then, I have worked on a wide variety of projects on the web team. From the Compatibility widget that takes a user's home thermostat wiring information and discerns their system's compatibility with our learning thermostat, to the overall support website. I have worked on the team long enough that there probably isn't a page that lacks my fingerprints (however small it may be).

I really enjoy my work here at Nest, and I am always looking to tackle the next big task, to improve the user experience on nest.com.

2012 Internship

When in interned for in the summer of 2012, I worked with a team of Java engineers to build a robust system to handle their secure documents delivery. Largely my work focused on building tests for their foundational transfer processes.

2011 Internship

Interning for over the summer of 2011 was very educational. Most of my summer in Houston was spent as QA for all of their internal documenting tools.

My whole life

Many are surprised that I have a long background of working around cranes. Though I am not a certified crane operator, I grew up running the crane in the family business, .


At , I worked at the movie theater, where I eventually became the manager before graduating. I also worked in STA+ (Student Technical Assistants Plus), where I was a part of a team that delivered technical support for both students and faculty.

Helpful Resources

Here are some resources that I have found to be useful in my web development.