Wordle Solver: Enhanced Strategies

In 2022, I developed a Wordle solver that relied on filtering a dictionary based on green and yellow letter matches. However, my exploration has uncovered additional strategies to elevate your Wordle game.

Let's dive into two key game-changers:

Embracing Letter Frequencies:

Unveiling the Uneven Alphabet: The 26 letters in the English language aren't evenly distributed across words. Some letters, like S, E, A, R, and O, reign supreme in usage.

Harnessing High-Frequency Starters: By strategically choosing your first guess to include these heavy hitters, you can maximize information gain. For instance, "AROSE" covers a whopping 95% of words in the 5-letter dictionary, exponentially increasing your chances of early letter discovery.

Adapting to the Narrowing Wordscape: As the game progresses, continue to consider letter frequencies within the remaining possible words. This statistical approach guides you towards guesses that efficiently reveal the hidden word.

Delving into the Untapped:

Second-Guess Surprises: While logic might suggest choosing a word from the possible solutions list, consider the power of the unexpected. A second guess composed entirely of unused letters can often unveil more letters than a seemingly logical choice.

Expanding Your Letter Arsenal: By embracing words like "UNITY" after "AROSE," you cover 100% of letters in the 5-letter dictionary, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of possibilities.

Remember: Wordle is a game of both logic and creativity. By understanding letter frequencies and embracing unconventional guesses, you'll unlock a winning strategy that blends statistical prowess with linguistic intuition.


By integrating these strategies, you'll elevate your Wordle game to new heights, conquering each daily puzzle with confidence and finesse.

Game Board

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Letter frequency in the dictionary

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